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If you’re a fan of the Twilight Saga, maybe you’ve always wondered– why aren’t the songs in the soundtrack in the order they appear in the movies?

“Breaking Dawn Part 2 Soundtrack List solves this problem. Created by obsessive fans of Twilight and indie music in general, this guide breaks down the exact order of songs in each film, including songs not included in the soundtrack.

Included in the guide:

The song list for Breaking Dawn, Part 2, with information about the bands, the “master” song list in order with the actual time-stamps of where the songs appear in the movie, information about the score, and the combined list of score + soundtrack that will allow you to basically re-create “Breaking Dawn, Part 2″ moment by moment in playlist form so that you can take it with you wherever you go. We’ve also included information about Stephenie Meyer’s personal playlist, plus info about similar music that you’ll like if you love the music in the Breaking Dawn, Part 2 soundtrack.

If you’ve been looking for the ultimate Breaking Dawn, Part 2 soundtrack song list, look no further. This list represents hours and hours of research and is a must-have for fans of the Twilight saga.

Also included (as a bonus): the soundtrack list for the original Twilight movie, a similarly obsessive breakdown of all the music in the first movie in the Twilight series.

Each song in the “Breaking Dawn Part 2 Soundtrack List” series is discussed in depth, in terms of its relevance to the film and to the story as a whole, plus musical influences as well as music that is comparable to that particular song. Each guide contains more than 100 musical references.

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