Author Bio:
AFN Clarke is a full-time writer who’s lived all over the world, served in the British army, had a near death experience, lost half his insides and recovered from the physical and emotional traumas of war. A proud father of four daughters, screenwriter, pilot, race car driver, he loves to sail, listen to opera, cook gourmet meals, drink wine, read good books, have heated discussions and travel off the beaten path.

His books are rich with his own past and present experiences, giving them a greater immediacy, depth and realism, even in his flights of fantasy. Writing mainly fiction these days, he favors politically charged thrillers, suspense and intrigue, humorous satire and books about the challenges of human relationships, all of which reveal his curiosity about why the world is the way it is, and his strong belief in the overwhelming power of love, laughter and of the human spirit.

Books include: Contact, Collisions, An Unquiet American, Dry Tortugas, The Book of Baker Series (Dreams from the Death Age; Armageddon; Genesis Revisited), and the Thomas Gunn suspense series coming soon.

About The Book:

We’re excited to be able to offer a SPECIAL ANNIVERSARY PRICE for AFN Clarke’s bestselling and controversial book CONTACT of $0.99 for FIVE DAYS only, from March 1st 2013.

This newly expanded, edition from Captain Clarke (British Parachute Regiment) on the blood soaked 70’s in Northern Ireland is a raw, visceral, “no-holds-barred” account of life in combat from one of the men we pay to kill. It caused a furor when first published for its devastating honesty. Eerily similar to Afghanistan now, soldiers live with senses on high alert waiting to be ripped apart by the accuracy of a sniper or a well-hidden bomb.

Clarke takes us to the heart of the action. We enter the private world of the soldiers, experience their emotions, fear, courage, humor, bravado and the anguish of death. The additions to the book reveal the untold nightmare Clarke lived through having nearly died, with half his insides missing, suffering from PTSD and being expected to return to a “normal life”. A story of the scars of war that affect generations. Of heartache, courage and hope for peace.

“.. its honesty and passion cannot be denied .. Mr. Clarke has sent out a powerful and disturbing early warning signal.” Maurice Leitch Daily Telegraph.

“..a major contribution to our understanding of war and how people act .. Contact is the work of a brave writer.” Kevin Toolis, Irish News.

CONTACT was first published in the UK in 1983 by Martin Secker & Warburg, was serialized for 5 days in a national newspaper, became an instant best seller, and made into an award winning BBC TV film. March 1, 2013 marks the 30th anniversary of first publication, the 40th anniversary of Captain Clarke’s first tour in Northern Ireland and the 40th birthday of one of his daughters who was born just one hour before he left for that tour. All these years later it is still selling strong.

Book length 69,237 words.

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