Dark Walls: The Arrival

614XKP2zg4LAbout Dark Walls: The Arrival:

Dark Walls: The Arrival is told through the eyes of seventeen-year-old Kenna McNair, who always believed people live their normal lives, and then just die and go to Heaven. Until she is suddenly thrust into a world she never thought was real, and meets beings who are hiding from a monster of unspeakable horror, Mr. Murphy.

Kenna can’t go home, and now must face the reality of what she has become. She must build strength and courage to survive. She makes unforgettable friendships and meets amazing enemies. When she and her friends lose the people closest to them, and the treat of being captured or killed grows bigger, they decide to stop Mr. Murphy. To put an end to their running and hiding, they must devise a plan, not like the ones that failed in the past. Kenna and her friends embark on an adventure, an adventure that helps them find their strengths, weaknesses, and who they really are.

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Author Bio:
David Baratta has always enjoyed writing articles and short stories. Dark Walls: The Arrival is his first novel.

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