Fearless Retirement: How to retire without financial worry

fearlessretirementAbout Fearless Retirement: How to retire without financial worry:

This award-winning book reveals how to create your own bullet-proof retirement income plan with or without a financial adviser.

Tens of thousands of consumers, still on shaky financial ground since the 2008 stock market

crash, fear running out of money in their retirement even more than they fear death. The problem is, they have no clear idea of how to address the issue of funding what are supposed to be their golden years. This book explains how to do it and why you don’t have to be fearful about your retirement.

Retirement planning expert Conrad Toner provides seasoned advice to help you transition to the next stage of life. Retirement income planning isn’t rocket science. Anyone can do it by following a few steps that begin with understanding the psychology of spending in retirement.

In Fearless Retirement: How to Retire without Financial Worry, Toner teaches readers:

-The psychology of spending in retirement

-Why the biggest risk to their financial security may be their financial adviser

-A simple step-by-step process for creating their own bullet-proof retirement income plan

-How to protect their hard-earned nest egg against seven major risks

-Strategies for creating, paying for, and living the retirement of their dreams

-A powerful checklist that will help them avoid being fooled by the next Bernie Madoff

This book provides a prescription boomers can use to live the retirement they’ve always wanted, without financial stress or anxiety.

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Author Bio:
Known as “The Financial Doctor”, Conrad Toner has devoted his career to helping people achieve secure, financially healthy lives. His quest began at 18, when he experienced fear and uncertainty after the sudden death of his father. He went on to earn a degree in psychology, which helps him focus on what’s truly important in people’s lives. As an award-winning Certified Financial Planner™, he has counseled hundreds of clients on how to build solid financial plans for their future. For several years, Conrad created, produced and hosted his own TV segment “It’s Only Money” on Canada’s CBC affiliate, CHEX TV.

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