Freed by Temptation

freedtemptationAbout Freed by Temptation:

Wrongly accused of a crime against the state by his own flesh and blood, Marcus Larcius Cornelius is convicted and sentenced to fight as a slave in the gladiatorial games.

Renamed Max by those who would now use him, he is angry. He wants nothing to do with the other gladiator slaves; nothing to do with the prostitutes who come to service the men; nothing to do with the Roman Matrons who come to share the beds of their gladiator heroes.

All he wants is his freedom. And revenge against the evil cousin who betrayed him.

Marcella Drusilli is afraid. Afraid if she does not produce an heir, her cold, cruel husband will divorce her, take all of her dowry and throw her out to starve on the streets. But how is she to have a child when her husband rarely speaks to her, rarely touches her and even more rarely comes to her bed?

As her husband’s impatience grows, and his threats increase Marcella searches in fear and desperation for another man who looks enough like her husband to fool him when the child is born. Watching a parade of gladiators wind through the town advertising the upcoming games, she spies Max.

He is just the man she needs.

Can she tempt the angry gladiator to service her? Can he tempt the frightened matron to help him escape? Will they be destroyed by their fears and anger or will they be freed by temptation?

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Author Bio:
Lexie Scott is the author of numerous short stories, articles and three books. Living in Toronto, Canada, she loves reading and writing books about romance and crime – sometimes both at once.

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