Lethal Circuit by Lars Guignard

kindle-book-cover-New-Lethal-Circuit-COVER-Horten-5_21_14About Lethal Circuit by Lars Guignard:

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Being a backpacker is easy. It’s the bullets that are hard.

Michael Chase didn’t fly halfway around the world to lie on the beach and drink Mai Tais. He went to China to find his father. But when Michael finds himself caught between dueling spy agencies, every belief he holds dear is questioned, every notion is examined, and every relationship is tested.

Michael didn’t plan it this way. The events he finds himself part of were set in motion long before he was born. Generations ago, the invention of a radical new technology almost helped the Nazis win WWII. Now, seventy years later, the technology that would have resulted in Hitler’s victory is close to being unearthed in the Chinese hinterland. If it is, everything that we know will be transformed forever.

One secretive group will stop at nothing to keep that from happening. Since their first meetings in the days of the Samurai they’ve kept their radical agenda hidden. But as Michael discovers, nothing stays hidden forever.

Michael’s friends are few. His foes are many. And his chances of success are slim.

If he’s going to survive, he’ll have to throw away everything he thinks he knows and start anew. Because there’s more at stake than just his father now. And everyone of us is at risk.

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Author Bio:
Lars Guignard is the author of the bestselling Zoe & Zak Adventure series and the Circuit series of novels.

Ever since attending high school in the Indian Himalayas, Lars has been an avid backpacker and traveler. After a stint spent circling the globe, he settled down long enough to attend the American film Institute in Los Angeles. He then went on to work as screenwriter in the film and television industry.

After way too much California sunshine, Lars moved to the Pacific Northwest where he now devotes his time to getting rained on and writing novels.

Lars can be contacted at his website (www.larsguignard.com) He would love to hear from you.

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