The Reunion by Jack Elgos

reunioncoverAbout The Reunion by Jack Elgos:

The No Name Motorcycle Club.

They once were a gang of young, strong, fit and fearless bikers……
But that was over thirty years ago.

Sometimes life throws you the odd bone – these men caught one.

The story opens during the final days of WWII when a small group of British soldiers steal a large crate of Nazi treasure during the Battle of Berlin.
Fast forward the action around 65 years and all of the soldiers are now dead and buried. Whilst clearing out his Dad’s empty house, a man discovers a long hidden secret about his father as the mystery of the crime is revealed to him. He doesn’t know if what he has discovered is fact or fiction, but he knows he couldn’t take the suspense if he didn’t find out for sure.

He can’t hunt down this treasure alone and contacts on the only men he trusts – men he hasn’t seen in decades, but whose history together is dark. The last living members of a long-disbanded motorcycle club are reunited for an unexpected road-trip with thrills and spills along the way.

For these middle-aged men, mostly disillusioned by life, the action and adventure begins with the thrilling news of long lost, buried Nazi treasure. But then they have to face their own Nazis and a mad man whose sadistic tendencies can rival Hitler himself.

The club is reformed and their adventure begins.

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Author Bio:
About Jack

Action & adventure author Jack Elgos was born in industrial northern England.
A lover of action thrillers which northerner Jack, in his broad Yorkshire accent, describes as Lad Lit.
Lad Lit is an unusual British term for hard core adventure fiction, better known throughout the book world as crime thrillers & mystery, or maybe a better description would be action & adventure stories.
As Jack says most crime thriller stories are really Boy’s Own style stories, but with a difference, these thrillers are aimed at grown ups.

Jack lives with his long time girlfriend, twenty years on they remain stubbornly unmarried and childless, they’ve traveled the world together, taking a chance at whatever came their way.
From the strictly legal, through the definitely dodgy to the downright life threatening.
Just how much truth is in his books…….. well, that really is the mystery.

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