Socialize To Monetize: Engaging Your Online Communities Across Multiple Social Media Platforms


Author Bio:

Gabriela Taylor is an internationally educated Global Online Marketing Strategist and Consultant who’s worked with some of the world’s biggest brands in Telecommunications, Retail, Lifestyle and Advertising.

A recognized expert and specialist in Social Networking, Mobile Marketing and Search Engine Optimization she is fluent in 7 languages, has lived and worked in many countries throughout the world and has experience of implementing successful web-presence strategies for both startup and large established organizations. She is fully certified in Google AdWords and Analytics.

She is the founder of Global N’ Digital, a consultancy firm specializing in Online Marketing services and Cross-Cultural business practices and has also published several industry related books.

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Socialize To Monetize: Engaging Your Online Communities Across Multiple Social Media Platforms
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About The Book:

The opportunity to reach a wider community and customer base, grow your network and to stay abreast of social media trends is key to driving success online.

This can also however be a confusing world where new networks and fads are literally springing up daily. It can be tempting to join an overwhelming number of social media sites without any real idea of how to make the most of your online presence. While most of these platforms are valuable to your brand, it is essential that you know how and when to use them effectively for maximum return.

This books offers strategies and tips on how to engage across multiple platforms and how to successfully manage your social media activity.

Let me give you a quick overview of what you’ll find in the book:

Are You on Facebook?

Setting Up Facebook For Business
Facebook Timeline And Competitive Analysis
Acquiring Facebook Fans
Facebook Community Management
Top 13 Facebook Apps
Mastering Facebook Ads
Facebook Contests And Sweepstakes
Facebook Commerce
Facebook Check-in Deals
Mastering Facebook EdgeRank
Facebook Content Marketing
How To Use Facebook Insights
Have You Heard Of Instagram?

Are You Fun To Follow On Twitter?

Using Twitter As A Communication Device
Searching For Local Tweets And Tweeters
Getting In Touch With Journalists In Your Local Area
Using TweetDeck To Manage Your Interactions On Twitter
Sending Instant Coupons
Asking For Feedback
Announcing Events
Partnering With Other Businesses And Tweeting Each Other’s Offers
Finding The Influencers In Your Industry And Contacting Them
Spying On Your Competitors
Researching Trends
Using Twitter As A Tool For Customer Support
Advertising On Twitter

Are You Well Connected on LinkedIn?

Setting Up A Linkedin Personal Account
Setting Up A Linkedin Company Page
Finding Online Communities That Align With Your Professional Interests
Answering Questions To Show Expertise And Gain Trust
Linkedin Advertising Program
Sending Partner Messages
Creating Polls
Organizing Webinars By Utilizing The Events Section

What Did You StumbleUpon Today?

Setting Up StumbleUpon For Business
Connecting With StumbleUpon Users
Making Your Content More Visible
StumbleUpon For Brand Marketing

Building Your Business Image Through Flickr

Setting Up Flickr For Business
Managing Your Contacts
Joining Flickr Groups
Sharing Your Flickr Photos
Sharing Your Flickr Videos
Marketing Your Business With Flickr

Getting Started On Viadeo

Setting Up Viadeo For Business
Finding Contacts You Know
Viadeo Groups
Targeted Advertising
Recruiting Your Team

Got A Question? Yahoo Answers!

Setting Up Yahoo Answers For Business
Building Your Community
Building Your Website

Get Rated On Yelp!

Setting Up Yelp For Business
Building A Yelp Community
Yelp Community Management
Yelp Advertising
Yelp Events And Announcements

Ning: Your Very Own Social Networking Site Today

Setting Up Ning For Business
Integrating With Other Social Networks
Ning Analytics
Using Ning For Branding

Play The Klout Game And Become An Influencer

Setting Up Klout For Business
Klout Brand Pages
Using The +K Feature
Benefits Of Leveraging Klout For Business
So How Do You Find Influencers?
As You Leverage Klout For Your Business, What Exactly Should You Be Measuring?

Guide To Social Link Building

Creating Social Profiles
Submitting And Publishing Guest Posts
Running Promotional Contests
Submitting Articles To Article Directories

Top 17 Social Networks For Entrepreneurs

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