The River Way Home: The Adventures of the Cowboy, the Indian, and the Amazon Queen

cover-front-for-AmazonAbout The River Way Home: The Adventures of the Cowboy, the Indian, and the Amazon Queen:

Alligators, Outlaws, & Tourists!
Adventures in pre-bulldozer Florida for young adults and adults who are young at heart.
It’s 1914. A young Cracker who yearns to become a Florida cow hunter, a Seminole who sees his way of life dying, and an educated African-American girl from Baltimore lose their boat on Lake Okeechobee and are stranded in the wild and mysterious Florida Jungle. When outlaws block the only road back, they have to find a new way home. How will they survive? And who will they be when they get there?
With a section of old photographs and short historical essays at the end, “The River Way Home” is historical fiction full of action, humor, and conflicts that remain contemporary today. It’s a classic tale of friendship and coming-of-age that will take you back to your childhood favorites.
• 4.7 star review average
• 2012 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award – Prize Winner.
• 2012 Discovering the Undiscovered Award – Finalist
• Amazon top 100 Seller –April-July 2013.
• Recommended by the Stuart Heritage Museum

The book-review website described Dawson as “a fine historical and regional author.” It concluded,

“Dawson writes beautiful prose; she has an ear for creating intriguing dialogue and very readable dialect that add individuality to each character, and most of all, she develops characters you quickly grow to love and begin to think of as your friends. Queenie, as the strong central female character, especially reminds me of many of the brave Disney heroines and the novel has that sense of wonder and adventure without violence that the old Disney films of half a century ago had. I think anyone from age twelve onwards will find this novel delightful.”

Author Bio:
A former photographer, editor for NASA, elected official, and attorney, Mary Dawson searched New Orleans, Houston, Seattle, and Miami before she found her place—the small remnant of Florida’s Last Frontier she shares with friends, family, and a black-and-tan hound that wandered out of the Allapattah Flats one sunny afternoon.

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