The Sky Between Two Worlds


Author Bio:
I am a retired attorney living in New Jersy with my famil and two delightfull, over-enthusiastic dogs. I have been a science fiction fan since the days of Amazing Stories.

Although I have spent a number of decades writing about scientific matters, this novella is my first work of fiction, two years in the writing. I am a graduate of MIT (Physics), Columbia University (Law) and Rutgers University (Mathematics and Biology). I spent much of my career at Bell Telephone Laboratories, helping researchers patent their inventions. Non-professional activities have included intercollegiate debating at MIT and later, Judo and fencing.

About The Book:

The Sky Between Two Worlds has been a top 5 Amazon Bestseller (free) in each of its last three month free promotionals. The novella is a fast-paced Science Fiction/ Technothriller. Kantak Johnson, an Alaskan student at MIT, discovers a way to improve stealth aircraft. A professor also learns of the invention and discloses it to a bloc of hostile nations, tossing Kantak into a world of assassins, intrigue, and military conflict. The world now faces the danger of two opposing nuclear powers with stealth bombers that the other cannot detect. Then an American drone strike goes tragically awry….

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