The Sky Between Two Worlds: Apocalypse Denied

skybetweentwoworldsAbout The Sky Between Two Worlds: Apocalypse Denied:

99 Cent Bargain from August 3 – 5, 2015

Two college students discover something that throws them into a world of covert intrigue and assassination. Kantak Johnson and Harvey Jamison, about to graduate from MIT, discover how to make stealth aircraft undetectable by radar, a discovery that can change the balance of military power. Habeed Khan, military leader of a hostile Eastern alliance, learns of the students’ discovery and seeks to silence them—permanently.

Imagine being stalked at night across an empty campus, chased through empty hallways and cornered in a vacant laboratory, no one answering your calls for help. What would you do?

As events unfold, the two hostile blocs, East and West, build stealth warplanes that the other can’t detect, neither knowing what the other side has. A dispute arises over the price of Eastern oil, a dispute leading to a minor skirmishes; a tragically misdirected drone strike leading to war.

An Air Force fighter pilot back in his native Alaska, Johnson must take to the air to defend his family, his birth village and his country from an airborne invasion armada and somehow survive. The problem is that the invaders have destroyed all Western planes in its path.

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Author Bio:
Glen E. Books, is a graduate of MIT (Physics), Columbia University (Law) and Rutgers University ( Mathematics and Biology).

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