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  1. Vinny says

    I love it also. Anything to get books into the hands of readers I am all for.

  2. says

    Happy to review any books in these genres, simply forward a copy on Mobi or PDF and I shall get to it, i only accept reviewing for one author at a time however so as to be able to give my total attention to it which allows me to issue a honest account upon it/them.
    A little about me then, I’m a 50 year old Male, who lives in NW Highland Scotland, sadly retired early due to suffering MS, CFS and Fibromagelia amongst other debilitating illnesses, which has left me both unable to work and depend mostly on my partner and a wheelchair but on the plus side it allows me time to carry out such tasks as above :) I also am required to periodically spend prolonged periods in hospital thus a good supply of suitable books is always welcomed, I have two grown up kids that reside in Glasgow (where I moved from only a few years back, seeking peace, quiet and security thus we choose a semi rural area close to the Caledonian Canal which all but supplies that in an abundance)
    I am always seeking any good books to review so feel free to reply ….. In these genres only please
    Web-mastering, WordPress, Website design SEO and Blogging, etc
    Auto/biographies (Famous stars, and suchlike)
    Scottish True Crime/Gangsters and criminals
    True life stories (likes of Cathy Glass and David Pelter)
    Gardening, Landscaping, DIY etc

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