Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about

1 – Is your service free?

Yes it is free, we love helping authors get their books in the hands of readers.

*We do offer an additional service that will feature your book for 2 days on our homepage for $10. You will see this option on the bottom of our free submit page. This also guarantees a spot in our newsletters and social media streams.

2 – Can anyone submit a book?

Yes, Although I believe in free speech if I see a book submission that has to do with hate or rape, or hard core violence odds are it will not appear on our site.

3 – What happens after I submit my book?

After you submit your book you will get an email letting you know your submission was delivered to us. This email also contains a few other places where you should also submit your book.

We go in and check your submission for typos etc and then upload it to the site. Because we get a lot of submissions this may take a day or two. After your book goes live on our site we try to contact you to let you know when it goes live. We will either post to your Facebook or Twitter and let you know. If you didn’t give us a social media account during your book submission odds are you won’t be notified. You can come back and use our search box to find your page. You may want to join our email newsletter list to see your book in it.

The page then gets placed on Twitter, Facebook, and G+ if we have the time. Our paid submissions take priority! After we get 20 or so submissions the link to your page also goes out in our newsletter. Not all books are in included in our newsletter though, paid featured books take priority.

You should then go to your page on Awesomegang and use the social media buttons that are on the bottom of the page and help us help you spread the word.

We really like it when you pin your book cover from our site to Pinterest. It really helps get the word out.

4 – Can I submit my book with my Amazon affiliate ID?

No, we don’t allow affiliate id’s or short links like or any other link shortener. The reason for this is we don’t want our site filled with amazon affiliate links. We could use them ourselves but we choose not to. Most of the books on our site are free or discounted and making pennies on a book just isn’t worth the time.

The reason for not accepting or any other link shortener is simple. Those links can be changed after the user submits to us. They can be directed to a page with porn or to a place that can possible have malware and infect computers. Most of the time the authors that submit using also have their affiliate id in there so we just are not taking any chances.

5 – Can we place a link to our book on your social media pages.

Yes you can and it is encouraged for you to do so. Leave your book on our Facebook and G+ pages. This will help get you more exposure. All we ask is for you to like or fan the page. If you are paying for a featured listing your book will be placed there by us.

6 – How can we help spread the news about Awesomegang?

Follow us and “like” us on social media Twitter, Facebook, G+.

If you know of a site that has a resources page please let them know about us. If you have a website for your book (Which you should) add our button to your site and let the world know you have been featured on our site. You can also add us to your #Follow Fridays on Twitter. Anything you can do to help us get the word out is highly appreciated.

Here are a few Tweets you can use. Just hit the “Click to Tweet this” helps authors get their books in the hands of new readers TY @ourawesomegang #promo – Click To Tweet This

7 – Where can I learn more about promoting a book?

We have an authors group on Facebook where authors talk about what is working and more importantly what isn’t.

8 – How long will our book be on Awesomegang?

We don’t have a time set in stone but all books will be on our site at least a year. We get a lot of book submissions and we have to clean house from time to time to make space for the new books being submitted to us.

9 – How long does it take to get an author interview on the site after I submit it?

We publish author interviews every day and the most it takes us is about 7 days. Most are up within 3 or 4 days though. After you submit it check our Author interviews page over the next few days. It also goes in our weekly “Authors only” newsletter that goes out once a week on Saturday morning. This newsletter is also filled with tips for writers and inside news about what is happening on the site.

10s- Where do we submit our author interview?

Our author interview series really is a great way to promote your writing. You can submit one here. It is free and goes out in our social media streams when we publish it.


  1. Bailey Cartwright says

    Thank you so much for featuring my 101 Fun Kids’ Games Book free promotion recently! I really appreciate your support. :-)

    – Bailey

  2. Heath Buckley says

    Hey, love seeing my book on here. Please send me instructions to sign up for the ‘feature book’ $10 deal. Thanks. Heath

  3. says

    I’m with Heath: I’d like to purchase the $10 feature option, but do not know how. Also, I’ve posted my free book information but what like to make one small change. How do I do that? Your assistance will be welcome. This site is, indeed, awesome.
    Thanks much.

  4. says

    Hi Chris

    To make changes just send me an email with the information you want change it for you. Send me an email You should of had the choice when filling out the form to add the $10 promotion. When you send me the email I will explain how you can still get the promotion.

  5. says

    I’ve already featured ‘The Golden Sword’ on your site.
    I’d like to place an ad again, how do I do it?
    Do I have to fill out te same boxes or can you use what I’ve previously submitted?
    I look forward to hearing from you,
    Rosie Morgan

  6. says

    Hi Rosie

    You can run the same book more than once. You have two options the choice is up to you. You can go through the process of submitting it again maybe change up some of the description or make your profile different. Your other option is to leave all the information the same and use the same page again. If you choose the second option contact me by email I can get the ball rolling and send you a paypal invoice.

  7. Jennifer Becker says

    hello , I had a question….I have a book advertised on your website and the image of the book is do I fix that?…thanks so much for your help

  8. says

    Hi Jennifer. What is the name of the book? I will go fix it.

  9. Jennifer Becker says

    hi …the name of the book is “Talk Truth to Yourself” thanks for helping to fix image…
    appreciated it.

  10. says

    I have just submitted a children’s e-book and was unable to enter the url from Amazon, despite several attempts and copying it straight from the site in its entirety.

  11. says

    Did you figure it out? Put the amazon link you were trying to use here.

  12. says

    Oops, I signed up for the $10 book promo but I forgot to post my book name in the Paypal form when I paid. The book is STUTTER CREEK. Thanks so much!
    Ann Swann

  13. says

    Hi– I just submitted a paid membership for my eBook: Three At The Center Of Rage.
    I have a Facebook and Goodreads listing for my book, and while your submit site accepted me it rejected the urls I copied to your form from both Facebook and Goodreads. They are:
    Would you kindly help me sort this problem? Also, in my book’s tags I forgot to tag: “fiction” Thanks.

  14. Donna Kelley says

    Just submitted Haven’s Rescue on your free format. I just set up PayPal as well and am waiting on the bank confirmation so I can add money to the account. Can I go back in and pay the $10 extra promo? I have another book coming out soon and will do this again for it too.

    Thank you. D. Kelley

  15. says

    Hi Donna

    I will set this up for you as a featured book, no problem. You look like an honest person. It will be my pleasure to help you.

  16. Mark Mattison says

    In your daily e-mail list of free ebooks, would it be possible to list the book descriptions instead of the author bios?

  17. says

    We have been testing a new email system that will do just what you ask. Starting tomorrow you will see the emails the way you are asking. You will see the book cover, description and the links to find more info and/or buy the book.

  18. Linda George says

    I just listed three of my novels which are going to be offered free from Thursday, January 30 through Saturday February 1.

    On the first and third–ASK A SHADOW TO DANCE and KISS ME, CHLOE, I gave you the correct link to the cover of the book.

    But on the second listing, I forgot to change the link to the cover, so SILVER LADY has the cover for ASK A SHADOW TO DANCE.

    Please let me know how I can send you the correct cover for SILVER LADY.


    Linda George

  19. says

    I’ve decided to offer my Romance novel “Never in a Month of Sundays” free on Amazon from 13 February for 3 days. I’m glad I visited your site today

  20. says

    I inadvertently left out the picture of the cover (which is also on the amazon page).

    Is there any way that I can enter it?



  21. says

    Hi Bill

    You can send it to us in email vinny @

  22. Richard Weber says

    Hello Vinny,

    Thanks for posting my ad today as requested. I have however noticed a couple of typos (my mistakes) so if its not too late, can you please correct them, details below:

    In the second paragraph of my author bio, it begins with “I my spare time”. Can this be changed to ‘In my spare time”.

    Finally, on the last line, it ends “with his wife and cat.’. It should read “with my wife and cat”.

    If it’s too late, then no worries, it can’t be helped.


  23. Dormant Gardens says


    We’re interested in eventually taking advantage of the $10 promotional, but we had questions. Do the books submitted have to be on Amazon? We sell from Smashwords because we’re two authors with one book in and aren’t on Amazon just yet.

    Thanks much for the information!

  24. says

    You can submit your book no matter where it is selling. On the form where it says link on Amazon just put the Smashwords link in.

  25. S.K. Derban says

    Hi Vinnie,

    Thank you for this great resource. I just sent in a submission but was not able to upload my book cover. May I send it to you as an email attachment?

    Thanks again!

  26. says

    Sure you can! Send it to vinny(at)

    The reason it was rejected was probably the file size was too big.

  27. R S J Gregory says

    Hi, I have tried to submit my book to you using your submit function, but when I finish I do not get any successful message or email. I have tried twice now in 2 days.
    Can someone see if my submission was received? It was for Cosmic Girl: Rising Up

  28. says


    We don’t have any record of your book. Did you try uploading a huge file for the picture. That is usually the cause of it.

  29. Tash says

    Hi Vinny,

    I’m keen to book a $10 paid promotion on your great-looking site, but just wanted to check: Do you only promote books on a free run – or can I promote my book at its regular price (in this case $3.99)?

    Many thanks in advance,

  30. says

    We do accept all books and as you can imagine books that are lower priced are more likely to sell.

  31. says

    Thanks very much, Vinny, for featuring my book Three-Ways and the author interview! I appreciate it very much.

  32. Steve Baba says

    I submitted my book to you last night but gave you the incorrect dates for my promo –
    TITLE: Ten Unavoidable Problems with a “Living” Minimum Wage from 100% Waste of Your Money to Millions Unemployed

    I gave you the dates of 9/27-10/1 but the dates are actually 9/29-Oct/3

    Sorry for the mistake

  33. says

    Hi Steve your listing has been changed to your new dates.

  34. Hillary Stone says

    I submitted my book, Budget Body Movers, in August with you guys. The results were great. My question is can I use you again for my upcoming give away starting on October 11th?

  35. says

    Hi Hillary Glad you are happy with us and your book went well.

    Yes you can advertise your book again. You have two choices
    1) Submit your details again if you wish to make changes.
    2) Send me an email at with your book title, date you wish to be featured and best email addy for me to send a paypal invoice.

  36. Marlene Raby-DiNardo says

    Hi. There are a few typos in my book description. Actually, I just want to completely rewrite it. Is there a way I can edit? Thanks.

  37. says

    It would just be easier to resubmit it. This way you can change it up to your liking.

  38. says

    I submitted my book almost a week ago, but have never received a reply. It’s going live on Friday. Did you not receive it? What should I do?

  39. says

    Is your paid advertising only for either self-published books or free books? I have a newly released book with a traditional publisher. I would like to advertise my book on my own. My book is obviously not free, but it has a low price because it is a novella. Can I advertise with you? Please advise.

  40. says

    Hi Cindy

    We advertise all books. With that said, most of our readers are looking for low priced books.

  41. says

    Hi Libby

    Usually you would just put all the authors names in. How many authors are we talking about?

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