Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about

1 – Is your service free?

Yes it is free, we love helping authors get their books in the hands of readers.

*We do offer an additional service that will feature your book for 2 days on our homepage for $10. You will see this option on the bottom of our free submit page. This also guarantees a spot in our newsletters and social media streams.

2 – Can anyone submit a book?

Yes, Although I believe in free speech if I see a book submission that has to do with hate or rape, or hard core violence odds are it will not appear on our site.

3 – What happens after I submit my book?

After you submit your book you will get an email letting you know your submission was delivered to us. This email also contains a few other places where you should also submit your book.

We go in and check your submission for typos etc and then upload it to the site. Because we get a lot of submissions this may take a day or two. After your book goes live on our site we try to contact you to let you know when it goes live. We will either post to your Facebook or Twitter and let you know. If you didn’t give us a Social media account during your book submission odds are you won’t be notified. You can come back and use our search box to find your page. You may want to join our email newsletter list to see your book in it.

The page then gets placed on Twitter, Facebook, and G+ if we have the time. Our paid submissions take priority! After we get 20 or so submissions the link to your page also goes out in our newsletter. Not all books are in included in our newsletter though, paid featured books take priority.

You should then go to your page on Awesomegang and use the social media buttons that are on the bottom of the page and help us help you spread the word.

We really like it when you pin your book cover from our site to Pinterest. It really helps get the word out.

4 – Can we place a link to our book on your social media pages.

Yes you can and it is encouraged for you to do so. Leave your book on our Facebook and G+ pages. This will help get you more exposure. All we ask is for you to like or fan the page. If you are paying for a featured listing your book will be placed there by us.

5 – How can we help spread the news about Awesomegang?

Follow us and “like” us on social media Twitter, Facebook, G+.

If you know of a site that has a resources page please let them know about us. If you have a website for your book (Which you should) add our button to your site and let the world know you have been featured on our site. You can also add us to your #Follow Fridays on Twitter. Anything you can do to help us get the word out is highly appreciated.

Here are a few Tweets you can use. Just hit the “Click to Tweet this” helps authors get their books in the hands of new readers TY @ourawesomegang #promo – Click To Tweet This

6 – Where can I learn more about promoting a book?

We have an authors group on Facebook where authors talk about what is working and more importantly what isn’t.

7 – How long will our book be on Awesomegang?

We don’t have a time set in stone but all books will be on our site at least a year. We get a lot of book submissions and we have to clean house from time to time to make space for the new books being submitted to us.

8 – How long does it take to get an author interview on the site after I submit it?

We publish author interviews very day and the most it takes us is about 7 days. Most are up within 3 or 4 days though. After you submit it check our Author interviews page over the next few days.

9 – Where do we submit our author interview?

Our author interview series really is a great way to promote your writing. You can submit one here. It is free and goes out in our social media streams when we publish it.

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