Places To Submit Your Book For Free Promotion

In my quest to help authors promote their book I am going to make a list of places where you can submit your book for free to get it in the hands of readers. I realize that it is hard to get your book in the hands of readers and hopefully this resource will grow. If you know of a place that is not on the list submit it to the comments and I will add it.

First place is of course our site. Submit your book

Awesomegang Facebook Page

AwesomeGang Google+ page

Author Marketing Club

Wanton Reads


Free Discounted Books



Pixel of Ink

Choosy Bookworm

Our site also has a free promotional place for authors to be interviewed. Just fill out the author interview form

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1 Andy Halmay

I seem to have run into the same block with the Twitter link as the others. I’ll submit without the twitter for ONE HUNDRED NAKED GIRLS –
It is: @Terrible Tibor

Andy Halmay

2 Heath Buckley

Hi Awesome
Really like this site so I have posted by book info and my author interview but they don’t seem to be featured on your pages. I can’t find my book info listed, for example. I am missing something?

Heath Buckley

3 Vinny O'Hare

Hi Heath

Here is your interview.

4 Tony Breeden

Hey Vinny,

I submitted an Author Interview a few days ago but I’m starting to get worried that something went wrong after I hit the Submit. What should I do?


5 Vinny O'Hare

Hi Tony

Here is your interview I am backed up a bit on the interviews. Sorry for the delay!

6 Kat Kirst

Vinny- Once again, you guys are here for me. Thanks so much.

7 Vinny O'Hare

I try my best :)

8 Rosita Rubio

Do you do free promotions for erotca?

9 Vinny O'Hare

Yes we do but we would prefer that you listed them on our sister site

10 Heath Buckley

I love this site and I really liked what you did to promote my book ‘The Love Spell’ with the interview etc. I am going to make it free to download for one day. Where on your site can I announce this please?
Many thanks

11 Vinny O'Hare

Heath your book is already listed on the site so there is no reason to submit it again.

On the day your book is free, place it on our Facebook fan page.

12 Laurie Adair Grove

I just submitted my book Crossroads Serenade for the free promo day on Aug 21 2013 but my photo of the book cover won’t upload. Can you pull it over from the Amazon page? Please let me know. Maybe it showed up on your side but I didn’t see it.
Laurie Adair Grove

13 Vinny O'Hare

Hi Laurie

Your image came through just fine. The cover never shows up on the email confirmation. Your book is all set up and ready to go. Thanks for submitting.

14 Chris Fotheringham

Hi there, Vinny.

By chance, do you have a UK affiliate?

Or, for that matter, any recommendations for free distribution in other countries?

Thanks much.

Chris F.

15 Vinny O'Hare

I am not sure what you mean by a UK Affiliate. All the sites listed above are international.

16 mike williams

I have submitted my book “Famous Kids in History” to you and Pixels of Ink but I don’t see it listed on either site. Did I overlook it?

17 Vinny O'Hare

Your book is here it was published on the 19th

18 mike williams

Thank you, Vinny. It looks great.

19 Vinny O'Hare

You are very welcome Mike I hope you sell a lot of books!

20 K

I am completely mortified to have to write this, but I originally listed my novel for a free run from Oct 10-14 and I am no longer able to do the free run for those dates. I realize how much time and effort you put into these listings and that any changes are an extreme inconvenience on your part. So, if it isn’t possible to change, I understand and will unfortunately have to withdraw my submission from your page. If it is possible to resubmit the dates to Oct 19-23, please let me know.
Thank you very much.

21 Vinny O'Hare

Not a problem, I can handle that. No reason to resubmit. Good luck with sales!

22 Pam Kesterson

I just submitted Eternal Infinite for FREE Days coming up, 10-3 thru 10-6. Do I need to resubmit the book each free day it lists on Kindle or just the one time?

23 Vinny O'Hare

We only take book submissions once. Setting it for the 3rd is correct way to go.

24 Patrick Rutigliano

Hi Vinny,

I recently filled out the author interview form, but it stalled/borked when I submitted it so I filled it out and sent it again. If you find two, just delete one of them with my apologies.

25 Vinny O'Hare

Ok Thanks for letting us know.

26 Gail McGaffigan

Due to mess-up, my promo days for Killer Ride are 11/10-11, not 11/9-10. I am so sorry about any inconvenience.

27 yael rosenberg

Hi Vinny,

Mistakenly I submitted my book “Modes of Transportation: ABC Book of Rhymes” to you twice. Please disregard the second submission.

Thank you

Happy Holidays


28 Vinny O'Hare

Hi Yael

No problem, it happens!

Happy Holidays to you and your family also.

29 Cyndi Raye

I want to do the $10 advertising. I know you have some of my info for when I had a free promo. Do I need to resubmit all of my information and where would I do that? Thanks!


30 Vinny O'Hare

Hi Cyndi

I see you also sent me an email. I will answer your question there.

31 Felicia Mires

Hi Vinny,
I submitted my book Fairies & Fantasy for three days, 2/17-2/19/2014. Here’s my twitter @FeliciaMires
Thanks for the help. I appreciate the newsletters and the twitter updates.
Felicia Mires

32 Marilyn Dalla Valle


I tried to submit an author interview, but it gave me an error because I do not have Smashwords and pininterest accounts.

Also, I added the incorrect cover image for Murder in Mystic and would like to add another. Please advise how to do that.

33 Vinny O'Hare

Hi Marilyn

Sorry you are having issues. Can you tell me exactly what the error said? As for the wrong image send the right one to and I will fix it.

34 judith fein

hi–i submitted my book, The Spoon From Minkowitz, for a free review, and thank you for offering that. I haven’t seen it featured, and just want to be sure you got my submission.

35 Vinny O'Hare

Hi Judith

I don’t see your book in our system. I do see an author interview which I just put live. You can see it here Judith Fein. When did you submit your book?

36 Jay Lee

I just submitted my book on your site, but also wanted to ask if you could add my website,, to your Places To Submit Your Book For Free Promotion page. I started the site to help out indie authors, like myself, get their name, and books, out to as many people as possible. Thank you so much for your help with this and for featuring my book. I truly do appreciate it. :o)

37 Vinny O'Hare

Hi Jay

I added your site, glad to connect with others that help authors promote their book.

38 Jay Lee

Hi Vinny!

Thank you so much for featuring my site. I truly do appreciate it. :o)

I’m sorry to ask this, but the site is spelled wrong on the page. The link works great and everything, but the name has an extra ‘e’ in it. Could you fix the name on your site to say ‘Choosy Bookworm’? Thank you again, so very much, for your help and for listing my site on your page. :o)

39 Vinny O'Hare

Hi Jay, Your welcome! Hope you can return the favor with a link somewhere :)

Took care of the typo!

40 Jay Lee

Hi Vinny,

thanks so much for fixing the typo!

And thank you again for your link to our Page. It’s been a big help!

I added a link to your site from ours. Check it out here:

Hope you like it! :o)

– Jay

41 Vinny O'Hare

Hi Jay thanks for the link back, much appreciated.

42 P Joseph

| was wondering was my book featured as part of the free promotion?


43 Vinny O'Hare

What is the name of the book?

44 Jason Matthews

Thank you for providing this great info for KDP Select promos.

45 Vinny O'Hare

You are very welcome!

46 Frank O'Neill

Hi Vinny
I applaud your efforts to help authors promote their books.
All the best
Frank O’Neill

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