Authors Here is Some Advice To Help With Promoting Your Book.

We all know that it is tough to write a book. Guess what that is the easy part, now you have to promote it and get readers to buy it. This section of the site is designed with helping get your book out there so it can sell more copies.

Learning Scrivener To Write Better Books

September 19, 2014

One of the biggest problems with Scrivener is the deep learning curve. I myself avoided this software for the longest time because of that. Actually I had installed the writing software on my computer and opened the program and said this is way to complicated for me to use. Then after hearing over and over […]

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Author Marketing Live Was A Great Event For Authors

September 10, 2014

Author Marketing Live was a great event and so glad I was able to present on getting fans and readers using social media. Our sessions had a very good reaction and I am sure many authors at the event have added some of the tools we mentioned to their To-Do List. Below is just a […]

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Awesomegang Results From Paid Promo

August 30, 2014

I receive emails all the time from authors that are happy with our paid promo service. This week we received one from author Joy Tremay whose book “Passion Never Dies” went to #1 in the free store for her romance category. Congrats to Joy and thanks for the lovely email letting us know about your […]

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A Year and a Day as an Indie Author by Jackie Weger

July 2, 2014

Today we are in for a treat as we are privileged to have Jackie Weger stop by and tell us what it has been like as a first year Indie author. A Year and a Day as an Indie Author by Jackie Weger There is something wonderful and magical about stepping into the indie author […]

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How to Get More Followers on Twitter

May 25, 2014

When I first signed up for a twitter account years ago, I did not know what to do with twitter. I just followed my friends and acquaintances, sharing my experiences and talking to my friends. I was not even aware of the importance of having people follow you. Then eventually, I realized how useful it […]

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How To Sign Up For Instagram

May 25, 2014

Instagram has been very popular since 2012. Did you know that Instagram is not just for personal use,  it can be also good for any type of business? Yes, that is correct. Instagram is a very good way to promote your books through posting the images and video in your Instagram account. Your followers will […]

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My View on Research

May 6, 2014

When I first began publishing my stories I readily admitted that I didn’t do research. I was almost proud of it. I wrote about what I knew and made up the rest. You can do that in fiction. I think I associated research with school, and I hated school with a passion! Plus, back in […]

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Best Podcast For Authors To Learn Marketing

April 30, 2014

My Top 5 Podcast for Book Marketing I like to listen to podcast when I am either writing a book or working on my website. These are the top podcast that I have saved and listen to while I am working online. If you are tired of watching the doom and gloom that is on […]

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How To Set Up A Facebook Page For Authors

April 25, 2014

For all Authors around the world, having a Facebook Fan page is the best way to promote your books. We all know facebook is the best advertising method these days because it allows your followers or your friends to share and recommend your books or writings to other people. It increases your followers and readers […]

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How To Find Followers on Twitter That Want To Read My Book

March 26, 2014

I often get asked by authors how to connect with people that will read my book. While it is a slightly painstaking thing to do once you get set up and look in the right places you can find readers on Twitter. A big time wasting mistake is to follow other authors at random. I […]

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Awesome Author Interview List

December 4, 2013

Over the years we have had authors subscribe to our free book list that didn’t really want alerts about free books. They wanted to read the author interviews and pick up tips from other authors. With this in mind I bring you our Awesome Authors List. This is a weekly email that brings you the […]

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Social Media Tips For Authors

November 9, 2013

I just came across a nicely put together infographic on social media and I think a lot of authors could benefit from it. I get a lot of questions about promoting books and this is a good guide for how to create the perfect post. While it has information about Vine at the end most […]

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Two Golden Rules When You Write Romance

September 23, 2013

You don’t kill off the hero, and you have a happy ending, or at least a happily for now ending. Don’t you agree? If you’re reading fiction, and it’s a romance, wouldn’t you expect it to end happily? I would. I read romances to feel good. Not too long ago I read an erotic, Viking […]

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An Eye Opening Experience

July 31, 2013

My first book is finally published. Release day has come and gone. Now all I have to do is sit back and wait for the dough to roll in. Well, I did, and it didn’t.  In fact, I was more apt to get bread, (dough get it?), than money. I thought becoming a published author […]

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Using Twitter For Local Book Signings

July 18, 2013

The other day on our Facebook authors group we were talking about using social media to get more people to your book signing. I asked how many people used Twitter to find people that may be interested in your book and may come to your book signing. I was surprised no one had used Twitter […]

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Facebook Tips For Writers

April 9, 2013

Facebook is not only one of the most highly visited online sites, it is also the most popular social media site on the web today; as a writer, you have to take advantage of this. You want to make your profile shine, and you want to let people know who you are. Some simple Facebook […]

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Marketing Tips For Authors

April 2, 2013

As an author, it is extremely important that you are using the right online resources, and available marketing tips for authors, to help you get your name and book out to the general public. Depending on the type of work you do, the type of story lines you create, and what audience you are trying […]

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Writing Contests – Golden Opportunities For Unpublished Writers

January 1, 2013

* Editors Note: This is a guest post by Rosemary McCracken Author of the book “Safe Harbor” If you’ve completed your first manuscript and are starting down the road to publication, take a look at contests for unpublished authors that you are eligible to enter. These are golden opportunities. The cash prizes are usually small, […]

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Get your Book In Front of More Readers

June 16, 2012

We have just set up Facebook so your book gets out to more readers as it will automatically post your book out to our Facebook page. If you are an author and you have used our “Free book submission” form you can now leave comments on the page we made for your book and have […]

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Tips for Promoting Your Book

May 5, 2012

Here is some tips for promoting your book. I always say that writing the book is the easy part. If no one knows you wrote a book it is not good. Here are some tips for authors that I found very informative.

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